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One of my biggest reservations about moving to Colorado had to have been that I had no idea what I was getting in to as far as the music scene goes. Minnesota’s music scene is so vibrant, the venues are plentiful, the artists are talented. I didn’t know what Colorado had to offer. Lucky for me I stumbled into this guy who shares the same affection for Minneapolis’ scene despite being out here in Denver. It’s evident that he has channeled some MPLS energy in his music. Humble, genuine, talented, and driven,  I can see Gus doing big things.


I was happy to hear he needed some new photos, and we got right to work. We will soon be working on a video as well from his new album “Bombs Over Everything”. He goes by Input and so far we’ve set the bar high for 2013. He let me do my thing, and we just let the magic happen. A few hours later and we had what I consider a really well-rounded collection of images! Click ‘read more’ to see the rest of the shoot!


Hey everyone! Thanks for finding my new blog. I want to share with you what an incredible year I’ve had. As many of you know I moved from Minnesota to Colorado early in April and although I miss the lakes I don’t miss the cold weather. That said, all of you Minnesotans are what made this possible, and I won’t leave you hanging. I make it a point to come back home often, and if any of you need me, it can surely be worked out!


Hey Everyone! Welcome to the new blog. I will not be updating my old one anymore. However, if you’re interested in viewing it’s smoldering remains, here is the link: http://www.drewcarlsonphotography.blogspot.com

This one will be much better, and I’m committing myself to at least one post per week for 2013. Enjoy!